V: Velocitek SC1

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V: Velocitek SC1

Beitragvon koebes » 04.03.2012, 10:41

Verkaufe wegen chronischer Regattaabstinenz mein Velocitek SC1. Preis: 300,-EUR
Kontakt hier übers Forum oder bockhc (at) web (Punkt) de

Features lt. User Manual http://www.velocitek.com/assets/files/manuals/SC-1/SC-1_2_5F.pdf:
• Speed, compass, tactical compass, VMG and distance to line updated at 2 times a second
• Start timer with user configurable start sequence
• Ability to display any two measurements simultaneously
• Maximum and best 10 second average speed recall
• User configurable device settings allow customization of select SC1 functionalities
• Up to 20 hours of battery life
• Over 20 hours of GPS data storage at record rate of every 2 seconds
• Data downloading through a USB link
• Downloaded data is easily formatted for use with Kattack, Google Earth and GPS Action Replay
• Internet updatable firmware allows you to benefit from ongoing product improvements and feature additions

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