Wer kennt die Gin 730

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Wer kennt die Gin 730

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kann jemand etwas zu einer Gin 730 sagen..??

- Erfahrungen,Qualität,
- Segeleigenschaften usw....

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Re: Wer kennt die Gin 730

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Die Gin730 ist ein Design für die Class 730 in Polen, die als Box Rule Maximalgröße an Segelfläche, Rumpfabmessungen und Mindestgewicht vorgab. Die Klasse ist in Polen tot, nachdem ein J/V Design in Carbon alles abgeräumt hat und die übrigen Designs plattgemacht hat. Die Polen haben dann noch einen Anlauf gemacht und versucht, die 730er durch ein OD zu ersetzen, PolenPeter wollte dafür die Thompson T750 haben, die Klasse ging dann aber wohl auf die Majestic 24 und jetzt hat die Delphia 24 Sport beim SA-Cup am letzten Wochenende gezeigt, wie schnell die Boote aus Polen sein können.
Im VSaW habe ich ein Gin730 am Steg liegen sehen, vielleicht einfach mal vorbei gehen und reinschauen.

http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index. ... ntry660111
Der Link zu einem Thread in dem Forum von SA.com, in dem es auch um die Gin730 ging und ein Polen die Geschichte der Class730 zusammengefaßt hat:

There you go - the history of 730 class.

The history about polish 730 box rule class begun in the early 90'ies.
It was a very interesting class due to lack of rerstraints concerning materials. That's Why carbon spars were introduced in that class followed later on by fully carbon hulls, kevlar sails and so on. And that's exactly what killed the class. Verry good sailors sailing hi tech projects made of hi tech materials did't give the others, not willing to spend that much on their hobby boats much chance. And people started to leave the class.

Not that the hi tech constructions were so much faster. But people tend to blaim the boats instead of their own skills :-)

Many successfull constructions were introduced in this class, starting with MK Cafe 24 by Judel/Vrolijk and ending with Majestic 24 by Adam Skrzat and RP23, also by J/V. One of the earlier constructions was the GIN 730 by Adam Ginter, built in Gdansk by G&G Yachts.

I used to own one for some time and i can tell that the boat is fast and responsive, although a bit too wide in the bow section, wich caused a bit more drag than necessary as well as the need to move the crew much more forward in the cocpit that one would expect to pull the stern out of the water.

It has been very successfull in its class at the time, outperformed later by the modified GEMINI 2000 (not by much - probably caused by better drivers) and Majestic 24 (much faster downwind, i'd say slower upwind, horrible on waves so if you're going to sail inland - go for a majestic).

Originally, the gin was ballasted with a bulb weighting some 250kg. Later the ballast was changed to some profiled centerplate and internal ballast due to lots of kelp that can be found on polish lakes and increased drag caused by the bulb, which usually didn't give any advantage in light breeze - major conditions on polish inland waters.

I believe that the one shown on the yachtbazar.cz picture was built by Odin Yachten Poland and is probably the only one - exactly matching the original plans. That means that the deck is hung under the upper part of the hull, enchancing the strenght and lowering the center of gravity even further (the G&G guys simply glued it over the top) and it has the previously designed retractable keel with bulb.

I believe that the boat is worth its price. It can be a very competitive boat in tho ORC rule or IMS.

BTW - the OKO PUR didn't give us chance upwind in Berlin last spring, and we were racing a Majestic.
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