33rd America's Cup date: 12 March 2009 !?!

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33rd America's Cup date: 12 March 2009 !?!

Beitragvon greatestsailorever » 13.05.2008, 11:25

Heute Nacht von DailySail reingetrudelt:

While Alinghi and the Societe Nautique de Geneve may have taken their case to the Appelate Division of the New York Supreme Court, today they have got their way when it comes to a date for the 33rd AC. In his order published today Justice Cahn has stipulated that the 33rd America's Cup take place 10 months from his final order (ie today Monday 12 May).

Given this - and assuming no changes are made between the two parties under the 'mutual consent' clause of the Deed of Gift - we shall see the first race held on Thursday, 12 March 2009 with the following two races (if needed) on Monday 16 March and Wednesday 18 March.

In the judge's order he also specifies that the SNG must inform the challenger, the Golden Gate Yacht Club, of their choice of venue, be this Valencia or elsewhere, no later than six months before the date of the first match (ie 12 September 2008).

Central to this decision has been the Deed of Gift specifying that the challenger is obliged to give the defender 10 months notice from their challenge. In his deliberations over the last weeks, Justice Cahn has sided with the SNG in thinking that this 10 month period would exclude the so-called 'tolling' period, as the two parties were mid-litigation.

The upshot of this will probably result in a fairer 33rd America's Cup as March 2009 is the first occasion that both of the giant 90ft multihulls are likely to be ready to race. The SNG/Alinghi have constantly claimed that holding the Cup in November 2008 (as the GGYC have been fighting for) would have resulted in a one-sided affair.

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