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Tacticat Deutschland Championship

Verfasst: 27.03.2007, 20:07
von tacticat
For those of you interested Tacticat ( has scheduled national championships next week.
Regatta will be sailed using all available boat types: skiffs, Lasers and cats
and it is NOT sure the finally 6 german boats appear at the start line :cry:

National Champs Schedule
USA Monday, Apr 2, 9 PM American East Coast Time, L2
France Lundi 2 Avril, 22:00 Paris time, L2-Euro
Italia Tuesday, Apr 3, 22:00 Roma time, L2-Euro
Deutschland Wednesday, Apr 4, 21:00 Berlin time, L2-Euro
Suomi Thursday, Apr 4, 21:00 Helsinki time, L2-Euro
Australia-NewZealand Tuesday, Apr 3, 18:30 AUS east coast time, L2

In all cases: 6 races, 2 each boat type, 1 dropout
6 boats at least are required to the regatta be valid
Races RESTRICTED to boats with the right flag

Next month we will schedule CLASS races, for all those sailors sailing skiffs, lasers or whatever.

Disclaimer: Tacticat is a non-profit org. Created for and by sailors mainly as a training tool for tactics and rules at the race. Tacticat is free, and only a valid e-mail sis required to register in order to have a boat with a personal name.

Tacticat Admin
Tacticat Site

Verfasst: 18.04.2007, 22:59
von Daniel
doh! ... habs verpennt..

Verfasst: 22.04.2007, 22:10
von largethomas
Daniel.... :roll:


Verfasst: 23.04.2007, 21:40
von Daniel
ey, ich war immerhin mal eine nacht lang unter den internationalen top 50 :P

Verfasst: 25.04.2007, 21:08
von largethomas
Daniel hat geschrieben:ey, ich war immerhin mal eine nacht lang unter den internationalen top 50 :P

:D too bad only one night...

Verfasst: 26.04.2007, 15:01
von GER308
Can we have a rematch :D

Verfasst: 26.04.2007, 20:07
von Daniel
jaaa! aber ich mag den neuen wind anzeiger nich :(

Tacticat. New version.

Verfasst: 02.05.2007, 12:30
von tacticat
That's it.
We're running a new version:
- improved rules engine
- more realistic shadows/blanketting
- team and match suport
... and other less important things.

To try just go to , the only requirement is to have java installed (

Tacticat is free, created owned and maintained by sailors.

Tacticat Admin